How to buy chess sets

How to Buy Chess Sets

If you’re looking for a chess set whether it’s for you or for your loved one for a gift, this guide will help you decide.


Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to buy a chess set for a friend or loved one and find that there are over a hundred different options. It certainly does not help when the person buying the chess set has little or no knowledge about chess or chess sets.

We at Chess Hall have created a list of many of the types of chess sets that people buy and are happy with. Not only do we give some background in to how to start your search for the perfect gift, but we also give tips on how to find the perfect chess gift. If you’re looking for a chess board, we have a full guide for helping you choose the right one:

Traditional Chess Sets

Traditional Chess Sets are one of the most popular types of chess sets that people are looking for. Usually, the chess pieces and chess boards are bought at different time or separately because you don’t always need both. This guide has already matched some great chess sets and chess boards for you so you don’t need to worry about finding both.

Traditional Chess Sets come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. While they often come as a flat chess board and chess pieces, they also sometimes come as a folding chess set that includes storage. You will often find the quality of the pieces are better in flat sets. Chess Hall has included a few that have more unique or high quality chess pieces in this section of our guide.

Buying a traditional chess set may still seem confusing and overwhelming. So let’s move on.

Buy a Chess Set – Traditional

If you would like to try your hand at buying a traditional style chess set, click the Amazon link below, it has a sale price since you clicked this link, so it’ll be cheaper than buying at the store. The chess pieces are categorized both by the type of wood as well as the size of the king.

Traditional Chess Sets
Folding Traditional Chess Sets

Portable Chess Sets

Portable or Magnetic Chess Sets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the most important issues to consider would be: Will this chess set be an adequate size? Will there be storage for the chess pieces? Can I save my position and come back to the game later without removing all of the chess pieces?

One of our most popular magnetic chess sets is the Drueke Magnetic Chess Set. What makes this chess set special is that not only do the magnetic chess pieces hold particularly well, but the chess set comes with a lid so that you can save your position. Most chess sets are folding, meaning that if you wish to pause your game, you may have to take all of the chess pieces off the chess board.

There are several other tournament chess sets available. These sets may be slightly larger, or have a different mold to have more of the look and feel of an expensive chess set while still being affordable.

If you are looking to get a chess set for someone who is new to the game, there are several instructional chess sets available. These chess sets are helpful in that they are not only a fully functional chess set, but they also have aids to remind you how the chess pieces move.


Folding Chess Sets are one of the most popular styles of chess sets used as gifts. These chess sets include their own chess pieces and have compartments to store the chess pieces when not in use. This makes folding chess sets ideal for people who may not have the space to leave a chess set out on display.

Folding chess sets come in a large variety of sizes, usually from as small as 10” to as large as 21”. They also come in a number of woods and styles. Due to their variety we recommend you browse our complete selection if you are interested in a folding chess set, however, we have chosen some of our more popular and unique folding chess sets to highlight.


Unsure what to get?

If you do not know what theme chess set to go with, think about the interests of the person outside of chess. Do they like Animals? History? Fantasy? Sports?

Buy a Chess Set – Theme and Figurine

Of course, these are just a few options among many. Your best bet may be to browse all your options. To see them, click below:

Theme Chess Sets

You have to be careful though, I had an antique themed Chess set, and it was appraised for just around $17,000! One year at Christmas our house was burgled and we lost computers, appliances and yes, my most loved Chess Set. However, one solution I think could work to help prevent that from happening to you, (it helps me sleep better at night) is They give you all the information and work you need to make your house a fortress and now I can check the house from anywhere.

If you still don’t know what Chess Sets you think you’d want to buy, send me a email at we have some great suggestions!


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